(1) Don’t try to represent yourself in a divorce proceeding. We frequently get calls from other experienced attorneys seeking help and from people that have been through multiple divorces before and are familiar with the process. People going through a divorce the first time are most likely to make the mistake of not hiring an attorney when one is needed.

(2) Don’t be greedy or unreasonable in the divorce process. Judges do not generally care if it was you or your spouse that first wanted the divorce. You may be hurt emotionally and may want revenge – but this does not mean that you are entitled to more than what is equitable by law. Prolonging the divorce process with unreasonable demands on your spouse may get you a better result, but it will also cost you more in attorney fees.

(3) Don’t take legal advice from your friends and co-workers (unless they are experienced divorce attorneys). Though these people will have good intentions and feel they “know the law” because they went through a divorce in the past – each situation is different and many of the assumptions we hear from client’s about divorce law are incorrect. Basing your case expectations on incorrect assumptions will usually result in frustration and disappointment. Choose an experienced attorney for your case and listen to them.