Who Should I Not Hire?

First, under no circumstances should you ever hire an attorney without ample divorce and family law experience to handle a family law case. Divorce and family law is unique from other areas of law and the practice of divorce and family law requires a plethora of detailed legal knowledge and statutes for being successful in representing a case.

Secondly, do not hire an individual solely based on word of mouth or reputation—an attorney with a high reputation may be out of your budget and lead to financial instability or an attorney may be referred by word of mouth to be outstanding through unreliable sources and add to more legal troubles.

Thirdly, ensure that the divorce or family lawyer that you intend to hire actually goes to court for trial hearings. There are a moderate portion of lawyers that will do practically anything to avoid for a case to go to court – including making decisions against client interest or convincing clients to agree to unreasonable consent agreements. Do not hire an attorney that waivers when asked if they “go to trial” you need to ensure that you will have representation in the worst of scenarios or if it is absolutely necessary to go to court to reach resolution.

Fourth, do not hire a divorce or family law attorney with too large of a case load. If you hire an attorney in a large firm and with a large case load it is probable that mistake will be made in your case or that your attorney may fail to answer case matters in a timely manner. If a lawyer waivers when asked about considering your case with other cases or fails to return calls or messages in a timely matter then they probably should not handle your case. A lack of communication between lawyer and client is an indicator that you are not being adequately informed about your case or your attorney may be failing to address the issues with the case in a necessary and timely manner.

Well Who Should I Hire?

In selecting a lawyer to handle any matter related to family law i.e. divorce, custody, visitation etc. it is necessary to obtain legal services from a legitimate source. If seeking legal services a party may contact the State Bar Association or an associate legal referral service to obtain names and contact information for lawyers based on the information provided in the particular case. Once a party is able to identify potential candidates for legal counsel they should research more background information and interview the possible lawyers to decide which individual would be right in handling the case. The most important thing to remember in hiring a lawyer is to select the best match. If it is a family law case be sure to hire someone with family law experience and make sure that the lawyer’s personality and objectives in the case reflect your own. Even if you are able to find a lawyer that is an expert in the field of law you need, but you feel that the lawyer clashes with you or your legal objectives then you may want to consider hiring a different lawyer that wants to work with you to finalize your legal case.

Can I Hire An Attorney from a Different County?

Yes, you can hire an attorney from a different county from your case. However, it is important that you hire an attorney that has experience with the legal system and county that your case is located. Each particular county has its own specific ways of filing court documents and formats for legal cases etc. and it is therefore necessary for council to be aware of these variations and familiar to the format for particular cases. Furthermore, lawyers are social beings the more experience they have working with opposing counsel can determine the outcome of a case –being familiar of legal tactics the opposing counsel may use may increase the likelihood of success in your case. Likewise, an attorney’s repute with the Judge may also impact the decision making and reactionary legal judgments implemented in the case. Judges have personalities and are different in how they reach legal conclusions; by understanding how they have ruled in the past in similar cases a lawyer can determine which legal tactics to avoid and which positions to take when handling particular situations. Hire a lawyer with experience in the county that the court hearing is located and an attorney that is familiar with the judges and opposing counsel in that area; as this will only strengthen your success in managing your case.

Choose the Right Attorney First For Best Results

Once obtaining counsel in a case try your best to retain the counsel for the remainder of the case. If there is a legitimate reason why you have decided to switch counsel make sure that your attorney makes the judge presiding over the case aware of the situation and the reason why you will be switching counsel—such as lawyer health issues, more legal experience, etc. Switching attorneys during a case can reflect negatively in court and the opposing counsel may invent multiple reasons why you are switching counsel. Attorney shopping, as this is called, is a significant indicator to legal professionals that an individual may be making efforts to conceal evidence, possibly has acted out illegally and the attorney has decided to drop the case, or that the party has a personality / emotional problem that has caused problems between the client attorney relationship. In other words if you do decide to switch attorneys in the midst of the case it will appear like a red flag to the court that something wrong may be amidst if no legitimate reason can be provided.